Zoho CRM Training

Learn the in's and out's of Zoho CRM for your business

Zoho CRM Basics Training

During CRM basics we will guide you through how to manage leads, accounts and opportunities while also learning how to handle day to day activities.  Unlike our guided training, this is an overview training session that involves walking through the features of your chosen CRM and providing an opportunity for Q&A with one of our experts.  These sessions are held virtually.

  • CRM Basics
  • Leads, Account & Opportunity Management
  • CRM day to day Management
  • Q&A

Zoho CRM Customization Training

We encourage every client to have a CRM admin in their company.  During this course we introduce the basics of customizing your CRM (new fields, layouts and user management).  During the customization session, which is typically designed for 1 to 3 people, you will learn how to execute all of the features of your CRM system so that you can build and control your CRM system without having to contact a consultant.

  • Creating layouts
  • Creating custom fields and developing calculated fields
  • Setting up users, creating roles and permissions

Zoho CRM Automation Training

Learn how to use workflow and macros inside of Zoho CRM to help speed up and automate common tasks across your CRM.

Zoho CRM Campaigns

Eligeo CRM offers e-mail marketing training to help you get started with mining your database and marketing to your prospects and customers.

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