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Many companies find themselves with the need to hire a full time CRM administrator.  This person typically handles data imports, staff questions, training, user administration and so much more.  Eligeo CRM offers our CRM Virtual Assistant service for all of our Zoho Support products at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full time.  On top of that, you not only get an expert Zoho administrator, you also get a full time database manager, consulting team and software developer to help take your business to the next level.


Block of Hours

With all of our implementation services we include 2 blocks of hours for our customers to use as needed.  If you’re not quite at the level of needing a CRM Virtual Assistant you have the option to purchase a block of hours so that you can contact our dedicated Zoho Support team as needed.


Zoho Support Services

  • CRM Implementation
  • Software add-on’s and integrations development
  • Consulting services including reviews and strategy
  • Workflow & Macro development
  • Remote support or training
  • Data import or export
  • Systems troubleshooting
  • Zoho customizations
  • And much much more.

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