Zoho Integrations

Eligeo CRM can help connect your software to Zoho

Systems Integration with Zoho

Zoho offers a full comprehensive API system that allows businesses to tap into Zoho’s data and functions.  Eligeo CRM has worked with customers to help them automate existing systems within their organization so that they can interact directly with Zoho.  Since Zoho is a software-as-a-service platform, you can access the system from anywhere.


Eligeo CRM can work with you to develop a custom built integration for Zoho, your in-house system or any system that might not already be integrated.


Built-in Integrations

Zoho is known for building robust and reliable integrations to third party systems.  When you subscribe to Zoho CRM you have immediate access to integrations that are ready to go out of the box.  This includes all Zoho’s platform products in addition to everything from Zendesk to Survey Monkey that will tie into your CRM.


Zapier Consulting

For those within a budget or looking for a bit more control, you can utilize a service such as Zapier.  Zapier is available in free and paid versions and acts as the “middle person” between your existing systems (including any SQL database) and your Zoho system.  You can synchronize data from spreadsheets or even your own in-house built system.  Eligeo CRM can help you build out and test these workflows using the Zapier configuration tool.

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