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Sales Productivity

Generate more sales with automation, workflows and advanced reporting. Find exactly what you need through advanced search features, and use shortcuts to complete day-to-day activities quicker. Organize your data with custom views and collaborate in real time using feeds, calendar sync, and document sharing.

Multi-Channel CRM System

Meet your customers, no matter the medium. Multichannel support in Zoho CRM lets you reach people on the phone, via live chat, email, through social media and even in person. Use visitor tracking and email analytics to know what your customers are seeing, and find opportunities for engagement. Communicate, connect and close the deal with Zoho CRM.  As your Zoho CRM Consultant, Eligeo CRM can help you take Zoho CRM to the next level.

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We can help make Zoho a success

Since 2008, Eligeo CRM has been developing, teaching and building CRM software solutions to our customers.  Zoho CRM is the perfect low cost entry customer relationship management tool with a number of integrations that can take your business to the next level.  Zoho CRM Consultants are ready to work with you to help you set up Zoho the right way.

Flexible pricing options including monthly and annual contracts are available for product licensing with Zoho CRM.  Adding a comprehensive CRM solution to your business has never been easier.


Zoho Implementation Services

Eligeo CRM offers comprehensive CRM Starter Kits to help our customers get off on the right foot with their implementations.

Zoho Customization

Our Zoho CRM Consultants specialize in creating unique and specialized solutions for our customers.  Learn how we can make Zoho work for your business.


Zoho CRM Consultant

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