The Top Five Reasons Eligeo is Partnered with Zendesk



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Zendesk Sell is a robust, dynamic and easy-to-use customer service and sales tool, with a very user-friendly, intuitive interface. The following article explains the Zendesk Sell product platform at a glance. It highlights the features that make Zendesk the partner of choice for Eligeo.

1. Zendesk’s Customer Experience Management Platform
For Sales & Support

Zendesk offers an ideal, all-in-one tool to manage your workload, triage customer requests and reply to inquiries, all with just a few clicks of a mouse. It is easy for sales reps to use with better management of sales activity and less time spent on emails, lists, reports and data entry.

With a powerful interface and wide range of features, Zendesk is easy to navigate and rarely requires support or has performance problems.

Lastly, other platforms can be quite expensive in comparison, especially when customizations are factored in. With Zendesk, you can hire freelance professionals with expert knowledge and experience with better deals on pricing.

2. Zendesk’s Smart Self-Service
Knowledge Base & Community Forum

Seventy percent of Zendesk Sell customers go live in less than one week allowing them to be up and running quickly for their clients.* The product is so easy to use, streamlined and simple that it’s rare for businesses to need help with customer service.

Zendesk is widely used which makes it a great system for training new employees. The AI-based chatbot that responds to customer support questions saves time for improved efficiency and an outstanding ROI.

3. Zendesk’s Omnichannel Conversations
Over Live Chat & Voice

All incoming customer voicemails and emails are received in Zendesk, making it very simple to respond, make notes and direct messages to the correct associate within your organization. It is a lifesaver in keeping track of all client issues in one convenient and easily accessible location.

In addition, customer emails, voicemails and recorded calls can be logged, so searching the history of a customer is simple. Your sales team can also easily determine who contacted you when and which of your employees took the call.

You can search tickets by subject, contact or user and merge various tickets into one. This eliminates the repetitiousness of multiple tickets from a single customer for a streamlined customer experience (a single, cohesive customer service response). It also provides an efficient, cost-saving experience for your sales reps and ticket agents.

4. Social Messaging
Through Seamless Integration

With Zendesk, automatic responses are possible through a variety of communication mediums. This makes office procedures easier, faster and more cost-effective. The customer has the choice of which channel they prefer to use, and all of their options are available in real-time.

The platform helps resolve inquiries through different media channels for appropriate responses based on individual client distinctions. Inquiries can be easily filtered and taken care of in advance of the client needing to engage in conversation with management.

5. Data-Driven
Analytics & Reporting

Zendesk Sell customers report an average increase in sales productivity of 20 percent.* It is great for segregating users and generating reports and has a lot to offer right out of the box for key performance indicators (KPI’s). It produces excellent reports including the frequency with which support staff resolve tickets, which customers submit the most/least tickets, etc.

Additional features include metrics and stats, along with the capacity to add tags, required fields and macros to automate workflows.

The reporting function is beneficial in identifying trends and sending emails to dissemination teams. As well, there is a built-in feedback mechanism that lets customers review and evaluate the service they have received from your sales reps.

If you are in the market for customer service and sales software or would like to learn more about what  Zendesk has to offer, contact us at Eligeo. Follow Eligeo on LinkedIn for upcoming news and updates.

* Source: This data sourced over 600 verified customers of Zendesk Sell by TechValidate directly.

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