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Zendesk Sell is sales force automation software to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams

Sales insights

at your fingers tips

Zendesk provides key insights that make it easy to see your sales performance.

With Zendesk Sell, your sales teams will feel at ease with its simple and easy to use interface while delivering insights and critical information to your management teams.

Gain deep visibility across sales efforts and performance with 30+ pre-built reports that capture everything from:

Deepest integration to
Zendesk Support

Create a full view of your prospects and customers by connecting your Zendesk Sell and Support accounts. From within Sell, see who has open tickets with your support team. On the flip side, support agents can pass new leads or notify the sales team, with a single click from live support tickets.

Access Zendesk Sell anytime, anywhere

The industry-leading Sell mobile app empowers you to stay connected on the go because a major opportunity can come up at any time. Rated #1 in our category with unique features like Visit tracking, Geoverification, and Mobile Reports.

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Zendesk Sell

Sales Rep Adoption of CRM

The first step is deploying a tool which is easy for the sales team to use, allowing seamless capture of data.Traditional sales tools require manual data entry.Sell’s vision is to reduce friction by automatically capturing sales activities (calls/emails/appointments) empowering sales teams to maximize time prospecting and selling.

Enable access
anywhere and everywhere

The next step is to provide a powerful sales experience in the office and on-the-go via a robust mobile app. The modern sales process is no longer a 9-5 job. In today’s selling world, buyers expect responsiveness at all hours of the day. The Sell mobile app allow reps to access all their customer data and sales workflow regardless of their location.

Real-time visibility
and ease of management

High adoption rates and constant use results in a complete data set of your customer interactions. Managers have real-time visibility into auto-logged email conversations and recorded calls, allowing them to coach and identify blockers proactively.

Improved insights
and data-driven decisions

Sales leaders can easily identify insights and areas for improvement. With the ability to customize reports on the fly, you will always be ahead of your next “big problem” in your sales pipeline. Sell allows you to make an adjustment, and start the improvement process over again