When Customized CRM and Technology Assistance Leads to Collaborative and Creative Solutions — Eligeo Case Study: BC Patient Safety and Quality Council

When Customized CRM and Technology Assistance Leads to Collaborative and Creative Solutions — Eligeo Case Study: BC Patient Safety and Quality Council

“We don’t have a huge team and a dedicated IT department and we really rely on Eligeo to fill in the gap when it comes to that.”

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Consisting of a small but nimble group of staff with no dedicated IT department, BC Patient Safety and Quality Council (BCPSQC) needed a strong partner who could fill the technology gap by providing customized CRM and technology assistance. Using Sugar CRM as their platform for customer relationship management, they required a team of experts who could guide them on the best way to use this technology for daily tasks and, eventually, big projects. Eligeo was there for BCPSQC every step of the way, ensuring every question was answered, every solution had a broader organizational purpose, and every technical addition served to save time and money in the long run.

“Eligeo’s team are like car mechanics, giving us a very clear idea of what we need to do now, what can wait, and what will be essential for the efficiency of the team.”

About BC Patient Safety and Quality Council

The BC Patient Safety and Quality Council (BCPSQC) delivers the best-in-class knowledge and guidance to support high-quality care for patients in the province of BC. They use ingenuity and evidence-informed strategies to improve clinical practice and culture while bettering their partners’ initiatives too. As a multi-faceted and far-reaching council, they advance and inform a large network of partners and patients on important medical topics, from cancer care to sepsis.

The Hurdle

The HurdleA Team in Need of IT Support, CRM Customization, and Portal Project Development

With a belief in cultivating powerful change through collaboration, BCPSQC has important partnerships with patients, care providers, health leaders, policymakers, senior executives, academics, and other partners all across BC. They needed their customized CRM and technology assistance to be on-demand so they could answer requests and better communicate with this vast network in addition to their own internal departments. That’s when they came to Eligeo for help.

“I appreciate how every time we come up with a request, Eligeo doesn’t just say, ‘All right, we will get it done,’ but rather, ‘Let’s understand if what you’re asking for really addresses what you need or if there is a better way we can support you so you can end up with the best solution.’”

The Solution

The SolutionEnhance the CRM System and Make the New Portal Project Purposeful

Eligeo took a holistic approach to BCPSQC’s request for assistance with their CRM system, Sugar CRM. Taking the time to understand the breadth of their team’s needs, Eligeo’s experts customized and improved many of BCPSQC’s CRM functions, ensuring that their staff had improved communication and response times with patients or partners. They also identified additional technology deficiencies and built custom solutions to address them.

As the technology improvements progressed, BCPSQC wanted to create a portal that could connect their partners and patients more easily to them, so they asked Eligeo to assist with creating it.

“We came to them with the idea of a portal and it turned into something hugely beneficial for us. It helped us understand the implications of what it would take, not just from a technical solutions standpoint but from a change management standpoint. There was so much more that we were just not considering. Having a bit of a pause to the project really is a huge success story. We didn’t just run in a direction without understanding the ramifications. We learned to do a more fulsome needs assessment that would save us headaches, money and relationships in the long run.”

The Impact

The ImpactQuick Turnaround Times, A Better Workflow, and a Deeper Understanding of Their Technology and Management Needs

With customized and on-demand support, the BCPSQC team is better equipped to do their jobs. The technical experience Eligeo provides ensures that they can troubleshoot any technical problems quickly, helping with project and partner request turnaround times. For the portal project, they’ve discovered how many areas of their operations they can improve with new technology and are learning more efficient ways they can manage their daily tasks and workflows.

The Experience

“You guys are great at providing the support at getting our team up and running. I appreciate how, when there are little questions, your team will get back right away, and when there are bigger requests, your team will really work with us to co-create a solution.”