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We are in front of industry trends and understand what you need on an intimate level. Supporting you where you are, through transformative processes, education and training, or managed services.

If your operational process is not built into your software, it can cause confusing workflows, missed deadlines, chasing details and slow results. Say goodbye to inconsistent results and unscalable or stalled growth.

Eligeo helps by aligning your goals and software with industry best practices. It’s time to save time, create focus, and accelerate your teams’ progress.

Our Services

Analytics & Data

We are experts in analytics, cloud, and big data solutions that drive smarter decisions and stronger organizations. Your business demands faster access to more data, scalable yet flexible architectures, fast data integration, and predictive analytics.

Business Assessment & Analysis

Eligeo’s experts perform assessments to help configure your first steps.  We help you build your CRM Strategy.

We listen to your challenges before we present solutions. Our bespoke, mixed-methods research is designed to shape products and services based on real needs and support big-picture digital transformation strategies and business models.

Business Consulting & Strategy

We identify your company’s main challenges and help you find the best way to face them with comprehensive solutions that connect the objectives with your customers’ real needs.

We also help identify, generate, and evaluate growth opportunities for organizations that can create long-term value for you.

CRM Implementation & Design

We develop a step-by-step implementation process, timeline, and execution strategy with you that guarantees a fast, effective roll-out across all stakeholders.

Our experienced CRM consultants, supported by our industry-leading software engineering best practices, will support you at all levels: enterprise-wide, for specific wide-ranging initiatives, or for individual projects.

Custom Applications

Can’t find that perfect app for your needs? Eligeo’s custom app development service includes design, development, infrastructure design, and performance analysis for the developed app. 

We specialize in tailoring and extending applications with custom code to build functionality and enhancements that meet your business requirements and offerings.

From technical architecture to new product launches, we form multi-disciplinary teams to develop web applications, mobile apps, multi-tenant platforms, and revenue-generating digital products.

CX Strategy & Planning

We help customer-centered, mission-driven companies research, design, develop, and scale new digital products and experiences based on customer research and insights.

We do this by facilitating customer experience workshops, managing customer experience internally and engaging employees, defining, and evaluating customer and competitor life cycle, measuring the financial benefits of each program and implementation of changes for the culture of customer experience and finally, designing the customer experience strategy.

Data Migration & Transformation

We make the transition from data across legacy CRM, other SaaS systems and Excel spreadsheets to synchronized and standardized data centers smooth and uncomplicated.

Switch to a new technology with confidence that your legacy data will be preserved.

Project Management

Our senior consultants are used to navigating specific challenges ranging from strategy to day-to-day enterprise-wide operational issues, to pragmatically help place specific project governance activity into a broader context.  Eligeo delivers an agile approach to project management to help our clients realize their expectations and any evolving requirements during a project.

Sales & Marketing Automation

We help you see all leads and opportunities in one place, empowering you with decision-making power to focus on conversion activities.

We observe user behaviors, measure performance, and deploy with CRM, marketing, and service platforms that drive growth, engagement, and ROI.

Business Efficiency Products

Our business is built on aligning systems with for our clients’ business processes and designing and configuring solutions built for long-term results.

We bring digital products to life with rapid prototyping, testing, and iteration, validating what is most valuable to users. Our custom, sophisticated UX and scalable design systems save time and money for our clients.


Software Selection

We help our clients make the best decision possible when it comes to the selection of software for their business.  There are many options out there.  We can help you evaluate your business needs to help you ensure that you put the business before the technology instead of letting the technology dictate your business process.

Software Training & Support

We provide hands-on, customized training to support the best possible end-user adoption relative to your new SaaS software solutions.

Eligeo develops and conducts training courses relevant to real-life scenarios encountered within your typical work environment. Our specialized training courses saves our clients hundreds of hours in onboarding and training new and existing staff.

Value You Receive

Your initial investment in a SaaS solution will pay significant dividends over time. We also have financing options available to clients in Canada and U.S.A.

Insights to help you win new business

Account records and associated data at your fingertips help you generate and nurture leads, track against preferred KPIs, and grow your customer base.

Cost reduction in the long run

Long-term results of implementing SaaS Solutions include operational acceleration, increased employee productivity, and higher lead conversion rates.

Centralized & standardized collaboration

Efficient processes and workflows aligned with your internal structure help teams solve problems more strategically.

SaaS Providers + Solution Partners

We can help you configure and implement SugarCRM, monday.com or more, addressing requirements you need to be effective in your organization.


Empower marketing, sales, and service teams with data across the entire customer lifecycle to drive more meaningful customer experiences.

  • 360º view of all activity for every account
  • Gain visibility into metrics, KPIs, customers, pipeline, and activities
  • Capture leads, track and evaluate engagement
  • Integrate with robust APIs


Enhance your team’s workflows with a code-free platform that adapts to shifting needs quickly, automates manual work, and connects teams.

  • Streamline and scale your business operations in one workspace
  • Conduct your team’s entire project management workflow
  • Flexible solutions for Sales, Marketing, IT, Project Management, and Customer Service
  • Integrate other applications with monday.com in a few clicks to keep all your data in one place
Why choose Eligeo

Our SaaS Solution Delivery team is positioned to take a deeper dive into your current systems and processes and chart a strategic path forward. Eligeo is a proven implementation partner and has been in the CRM and Business Consulting space since 2008 with 400+ projects, 90% repeat and referral business, and work across complex verticals like manufacturing and business services.

We’d love to hear from you, answer questions, and learn more about your current challenges.

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