What is CRM?

What is CRM? You might have heard about CRM before.  It could have popped up on a search or possibly it is something you’ve used in a past work life.  Eligeo Business Solutions focuses on building software solutions that helps businesses become more efficient while “wowing” their customers with an incredible customer experience.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

Do you need a CRM in your business?

Many business owners face this situation, do you need a CRM?  In fact, you probably already have one and don’t even know it.  The terminology CRM came about in the 90’s to help classify a type of software that managed information about a businesses’ client list.  It was the “rolodex” on steroids per say but many people took different paths to creating a CRM.

If you’ve used Microsoft Outlook and the contact management feature of it, you’re kind of using a CRM.  The idea behind CRM is the methodology or the process.  It’s not about the software.  I repeat, it is not about the software.   The CRM software can be : Hanging folders, cue cards, MS Access, Spreadsheets, custom built software or any of the hundreds of CRM vendors out there.

So let’s put it this way.  If you are using any type of method to track customer information, you’ve already got a CRM.

The question is if it’s efficient enough for your business.

Why should I consider a CRM vendor like SugarCRM?

This is where it gets interesting.  CRM software has been evolving for decades now.  The biggest players in the market are continually looking to innovate and expand their software platforms.  These tools do have fees but it’s important to remember what the return on investment is by using a system like that.  By using a CRM vendor you enable yourself the opportunity to grow your business a lot faster than you would using any other out dated method of customer relationship management.

What’s the point of business consultant like Eligeo for this kind of stuff?

This is where it gets even MORE interesting.  We’ve been doing this a long time.  We don’t have any specific type of industry that we’re married to.  We work with all types of businesses to understand the current state of their business so that we can help them transform it with customer relationship management technology.  We know what the software is capable of, we just don’t know what the problems or challenges you are facing are.

Most of the time, our clients don’t even know what the issue is yet until we sit down through workshops to better understand their processes.

We’re your partner in crime.  We work with you to solve business problems with technology.  The root of our solutions always starts with the customer which is why CRM is so near and dear to our hearts.  A CRM strategy workshop will help you uncover a lot of the hidden gems that help unlock the potential of your business.

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