Managing your sales pipeline just got visual

Customers from all over the world are loving our Visual Sales Pipeline for SugarCRM.  You can buy it directly from Sugaroutfitters today and get started.

The Visual Sales Pipeline tool is designed for Sugar 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate to provide a visual representation of what is in your pipeline.

Work Your Pipeline Instantly

By simply dragging and dropping your Opportunities/Revenue Line Items from one sales stage to another you can quickly and efficiently keep on top of your pipeline.

Won Another Deal?

Who doesn’t like how that feels? Drag that opportunity to the big green checkbox to close it out and go celebrate. You deserve it!


  • Drag & Drop Functionality using jQuery
  • Sugar Professional: All objects are your Opportunities
  • Sugar Enterprise/Ultimate: All objects are your Revenue Line Items
  • Automatically updates the Sales Stages as you drag and drop objects from each stage
  • Move Opportunities/Revenue Line Items to Closed Won and Closed Lost by simply dragging them over
  • Workflow automation compatible as updates occur using Sugar API
  • Totals for each Sales Stage automatically updated on the fly as you switch objects from sales stages
  • Ability to specify currency symbol from SugarCRM Locale Settings
  • Clean interface designed for SugarCRM

For Sugar Professional users you will have a visual representations of all Opportunities by sales stage in a visual format. For Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate your Revenue Line Items will be populated by sales stage.

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