Tools to Visualize your Sales Workflow

I did a blog post yesterday about defining the sales stages in your sales process so I thought I would add another piece to it to make it a bit more fun for all of you out there that dread this kind of stuff.

The KanBan. For some of you you’re wondering, a what? Although made popular in the manufacturing world (JIT, Lean), it’s concept is fantastic for sales. It’s why we developed the Visual Sales Pipeline for a couple of the products that we support over the past year. There’s nothing quite like being able to drag and drop an opportunity into another stage. Our SugarCRM version of the product takes advantage of Sugar’s built in workflow automation tools to automatically set off workflows to assign tasks and create records throughout each step.

When we built the tool we really wanted to create a way for users to easily navigate the deals and for sales managers to meet with their staff and have a board to visually provide feedback to the team.

In fact, our team at Eligeo CRM can be seen (although privately) each Monday morning reviewing our own Visual Sales Pipeline. We work from the deals about to close all the way back to the initial contacts in our sales process.

Here’s the best part about a tool like this: we are only charging $200 for any SugarCRM customer to adopt it into their CRM.

If you’re looking for a lower cost alternative, we also offer Teal CRM which has the same capabilities built into it although without workflow automation.

There are many sales tools out there for users to get familiar with but here’s a great way and low cost opportunity for people to get a handle on their pipe.

Check out our partner SugarOutfitters for purchase information for SugarCRM. For Teal CRM you can either check out Eligeo CRM’s website or visit Teal CRM directly.