Three Reasons Why You Need Eligeo’s eDigital Signatures App for

Three Reasons Why You Need Eligeo’s eDigital Signatures App for

As technology empowers us to be faster and more efficient in everything we do, the pace at which we need to get our files, contracts, and documents delivered, approved and signed needs to be equally so. If you’re familiar with then you know its robust array of features enables our businesses to streamline their workflows with a visually appealing and highly intuitive platform. Those who use it can take projects from inception to completion at record speed. A new Eligeo integration, the eDigital Signatures app, aims to take this comprehensive efficiency further by offering a wide range of DocuSign and digital signature capabilities.

On June 9th, we are hosting a User Group for our eDigital Signatures app, where were will walk you through how you can integrate this app into your workflow. To help you understand more about it we’ve compiled three reasons why you need this app, and register and attend the user group:

1. Document management and signatures are critical to project initiation and completion

Signing and sending documents are crucial steps in the project process. From the first contracts that need to be signed for project initiation to the final documents that certify project completion and payment, digital signatures are the key to it all. DocuSign is the world’s #1 in Electronic Signature and Agreement Cloud and is renowned for making this often complex and arduous process easier by automating the contract, approval, and agreement lifecycle. In our User Group, we will show you how you can make this another powerful tool in your efficiency arsenal through integration into

2. Learn how to create better templates for the documents you send

Automation is the crux of success in today’s world. Those who swear by it do so because it saves them from toiling away at laborious and time-consuming tasks a million times over. In our eDigital Signatures User Group, we’ll show you how to do this with your e-signature documents–honing in on better templates that you can create once yet send over and over again. Learn how to send these templates in addition to two other ways to send documents:

  • By using a file from the file column of the item view that you are on
  • By sending a file located in the file column of another board

Whatever sending method you choose you will have a place to track your documents in the repository board.

3. Understand the power of document and e-signature tracking, lifecycle management, and analytics

We’ve all had an email disaster at some point in our careers. You sent a document but can’t find it. It had critical information and signatures, and though you know you have it somewhere in your email chain, it has disappeared into the void of unsolved mysteries. Yes, even the most seasoned pros experienced technical failures–and that’s where automated document management makes your life better in so many ways.

These important contracts, documents, and agreements need to be saved in the cloud, in order, with insights on who’s sent, received, and signed them and when. Doing this manually through email is painful at best, but with’s DocuSign and e-signature integration, you can easily track and manage this process in one place. No more email hunting or panic ever again. Your documents and their status are there for you, safe and sound.


Want to learn more about the event? Get the webinar link and details below:

Topic: eDigital Signatures Foundation User Group

Date: Jun 9 at 08:00 AM PDT



Join and learn how to:

– Add eDigital Signatures View to your board

– Send documents to stakeholders in three different ways

– Manage sent documents in one place


Want to learn more about the eDigital Signatures App?

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