“This changes our lives”

"This changes our lives"

This has been an exciting week at Eligeo CRM.  We have a number of projects on the go and this week we touched 4 different customer projects in a variety of different ways.  The one comment we had from one of the sales team members was “This changes our lives.”

This is where the excitement I get from implementing CRM’s comes from.  I ran several training sessions this week in Calgary, Vancouver and remotely while each time we seemed to have the same impact.  Each of the sales reps and executives saw their eyes open wide when they saw what a CRM can do for them.

The first company I met with this week is a Calgary-based business working with companies on promotional materials.  We took them on as a client recently and although they are not new to CRM, they certainly grasp the potential but need help getting to the next level.  We’ve been working with them to apply new concepts to SugarCRM to help them streamline processes and simply make the lives of their staff a lot easier.  The response we are receiving from the customer, even though we’re not completely done, has been fabulous.  We love working with these types of customers.

Another company we worked with is also from Calgary and CRM is brand new to their world.  They have been working with an existing quoting software called Quotewerks.  CRM is entirely new to the company and most of the staff.  Although some of them have used CRM’s like Act! on an individual level, they are now seeing how powerful it is to access their contacts and opportunities directly from the web and on their mobile phones.

Back to the west coast in Vancouver we’ve been working with another company to also introduce CRM to their business.  There really isn’t anything extraordinary with the CRM except enabling this company to see data that was previously hard to access in the past.  We’ve now created custom modules and solutions to help them not only create incredible reports but we’ve also enabled them with mobile solutions to allow them to access their data on the road with the SugarCRM mobile platform.

Finally, another new client from out east in Quebec came on board for a small project this week.  We do seem to take on a number of clients who have had bad experiences in the past and we’re able to help them turn things around with their SugarCRM implementations.  This one is no different and although it is in its infancy it is still an exciting company to work with as they have really bought into the concepts of CRM and just need a little bit more help to move forward.

These are just a few of the stories that I work with on a regular basis.  We really do love doing what we do and not just building software but really creating unique CRM experiences for each company we work with.  I hope we’ve inspired a bit of CRM in you after reading through some of our stories for the week.