The Participant Experience:’s Elevate 2020 Virtual Conference

The Participant Experience:’s Elevate 2020 Virtual Conference

Elevate 2020: On September 15th and 16th held their 2020 virtual conference on Workforce Trends and Leadership. I spoke with Decklun and Aimee, two conference attendees about their experience.

COVID-19 continues to impact all of us in myriad ways. Companies like are adapting to the “new normal” with innovations such as transitioning their annual Elevate conference to a virtual format for 2020.

As a sponsor of the Elevate 2020 conference, Eligeo sent representatives to attend the workshops as well as represent Eligeo in the Virtual Booths. Decklun is Vice President of Sales and Aimee is an Inside Sales Representative at Eligeo. They were both in attendance at the Elevate 2020 conference.

Elevate Conference Q&A with Decklun and Aimee

I asked Decklun about the keynote sessions he attended, and he shared some key takeaways. Generally speaking, Decklun enjoyed the opportunity of hearing about the roadmaps from alongside other companies’ success in using monday as an operating system.

Falkbuilt is a client of Eligeo’s and Decklun attended their presentation. “From Falkbuilt: having adoption across all internal business units under one vision can increase not only success in communication but also growth in projects being completed without ‘meetings for meetings’.”

On Ophir Penso’s presentation, Decklun enjoyed, “learning about transparency at monday from an executive’s perspective” and “the vision for everyone to be on the same page working remotely post-COVID.”

monday dashboard

How was their conference experience?

Much of Aimee’s conference experience was spent attending to Eligeo’s Virtual Booth, but she was able to participate in a couple of sessions including the Q&A sessions following the presentations.

“I attended one on the apps and widgets that are available within monday. It was actually really insightful, and I learned quite a bit”. During the session, the speaker “covered the more interesting apps within monday. He talked about how to use them and how you could benefit from them. That was really interesting.”

Aimee found it particularly useful to learn more about an add-on Monday is developing. “It was based off of feedback gained through consumers who are already using the platform.”

Aimee was especially grateful for the details in the presentation on the pivot table app. “I had a hard time using the pivot table app until she explained it and broke it down and I was like ‘oh this is way easier than I thought. It was great!’”

Aimee was also impressed with the discussion of’s feature of having a
“mini web browser right within monday… it saves a lot of time not having to click back and forth between different web browsers. It is just right there.” also helps to achieve work/life balance

Aimee also attended a session dedicated to health and wellness. This session was of particular interest to Aimee as before moving into sales she worked as a registered massage therapist. “She just basically went through some quick yoga sessions and then discussed self-care at work.”

The session “stood out in terms of her advice regarding achieving a work/life balance.  She suggested making sure you make time for yourself to disconnect, to recharge and remember to be working so that you can live not living so that you can work.”

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To learn more about the Elevate conference, join Eligeo and on October 20th at 9 a.m. PT for a panel discussion on the top highlights from the event and’s latest features and announcements. Register today.

To discuss any of your business software needs, both Decklun, Aimee and the extended team would be delighted to hear from you and can be reached here. Follow us also on LinkedIn for upcoming news and updates.

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