The Importance Of A User-Friendly CRM

The Importance Of A User-Friendly CRM

Are today’s customer relationship management systems user-friendly? This is a tricky one to answer.

Are there user-friendly CRMs out there? Yes, absolutely.

But, are people using them, and are they implementing them correctly? The answers to the latter two questions point to a resounding “no.” Current stats from sales leaders show that most are still operating difficult-to-use systems that their teams don’t use.

Specifically, Hubspot found that:

  • 50% of sales leaders say that their CRM is difficult to use, and 18% say this has caused them to lose opportunities or revenue.
  • 76% of sales leaders report that their team does not use the majority of the tools in their CRM.
  • 47% of sales leaders don’t believe their sales software is capable of helping them meet their business goals over the next three years.

Now, why would a company want to use an outdated CRM system?

There are many reasons. Most frequently, it boils down to cost, legacy issues, and a general dislike of having to learn something new. Unfortunately, these problems lead to many companies keeping their old CRM systems running but rarely using them, and essentially wasting money on outdated technology.

On the other spectrum…

There are sales teams that do use the outdated technology, but they still lose money when using it, with “nearly one in five sales leaders reporting that they’ve lost opportunities or revenue as a consequence of their software being difficult to use,” according to the same Hubspot report.

Though many of these systems were designed to make the process of selling easier, they don’t seem to be doing a good job. Much of this stems from the technology itself, but also from the half-baked CRM implementation process.

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