Why it’s important to plan your CRM implementation

Why it's important to plan your CRM implementation

Technology Business Assessment

Is a Technology Business Assessment important?  Do I really need one before planning and implementing my CRM?  The short answer is, YES.  You must plan your CRM implementation for success.  Performing a Technology Business Assessment and implementing a new CRM system go hand in hand.  But first….What is a Technology Business Assessment?  Let’s refer to it as a TBA…

What is a TBA?

A TBA is an in depth assessment of your business process and how it utilizes technology.  It’s really the first step to plan your CRM implementation  In order to build out a custom CRM solution, we first need to know details of your business inside and out.  A TBA is typically a full 2 day discovery process by one of our CRM consultants.  This includes interviewing stakeholders and key employees, job shadowing, documenting requirements and reviewing your current software systems.

What do I get out of it?

After we perform your TBA we will present you with a future state workflow diagram.  We compare your current and future workflow state and explain in depth how this new workflow fits inside of your CRM.  A complete Implementation Blue Print including cost and a project schedule.

Why is it important?

Everyone knows that not every two businesses are ran the same.  Of course we could set you up with a new CRM system, import your data, do a little bit of training and send you off.  But how successful would that be without knowing what is involved in every step of your business flow?  Understanding and defining your business from the inside out, which is achieved through a Technology Business Assessment, directly relates to how successful your CRM implementation will be.

Now, a TBA is not entirely necessary before every implementation.  It can be something situational depending on your business size and business model.  If you’re unsure if your business can benefit from a Technology Business Assessment, get in touch with us.