SurveyMonkey Is on a Mission with New Enterprise-Focused “Momentive” Re-Brand

SurveyMonkey Is on a Mission with New Enterprise-Focused “Momentive” Re-Brand

SurveyMonkey has long been a big player in the experience management industry, but they have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 1999. Originally founded as an online survey solution, the company quickly understood the desire by their clients to better leverage the data, feedback, and measurable improvements within the customer experience and, thus, saw opportunities to expand their offerings into many other areas.

Over the years, they’ve developed other solutions that include technology for understanding the employee and customer experience better, in addition to enhancements for survey development, marketing insights, and product experience. As their suite of offerings grew, their moniker became more outdated because the brand was not solely focused on surveys anymore but, instead, the entire customer feedback and service improvement process.


What’s in a Name? Momentive Is About Enterprise Momentum

Unsurprisingly, on June 9th, 2021, SurveyMonkey announced a rebrand under the name Momentive which better expressed the robust capabilities of their product suite, which includes Momentive, GetFeedback, and SurveyMonkey. But behind the name, the rebrand represents a shift by the company to get serious about their clout in the industry, playing to large enterprise companies and current clients, which include big players like LG, Allbirds, IBM, KLM, and Nasdaq.

Leela Srinivasan, CMO at Momentive noted this new target demographic in a Forbes article, stating:

Our extensive research showed that the name SurveyMonkey, while popular and a great fit for our online surveys solution, did not convey our focus on the enterprise. We have extremely high brand awareness built on the back of our highly viral self-serve business, but many don’t realize that we offer powerful, enterprise applications of our AI-powered technology. While our cost-effective self-serve solutions will live on, we aim to have our cake and eat it, too: we’ll retain the intuitiveness of our technology while solving increasingly complex challenges for our enterprise customers.”


Momentive Missions: Speed and Agility; AI, Redefined, and Amplified Voices

Momentive has a clear focus too. By expanding their B2B and Enterprise focus, they’ve made a mandate of highlighting new areas of innovation that cover “speed and agility,” or fast insights for customers; “AI, redefined,” or the use of artificial intelligence through automated insights, sentiment and text analysis of customer feedback; and “Amplified voices,” or products that “are designed to understand people’s perspectives, embrace new ideas, advance equality, and push for equity in both business and society,” states their official launch press release.


A Powerful Suite that is Scaling for Growth while Helping Other Business Scale for Growth

For companies who currently use SurveyMonkey (or Momentive—post July 9th), the rebrand is great news especially if they are considering expanding their customer feedback, survey, or experience capabilities. The suite of technology is fully rounded to suit the needs of both start-ups and enterprises, and, as Srinivasan noted, eats its cake too by acting on the data it sourced to improve the customer experience—lucky for most, the customer in this case is you and your business.


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