#4 – You want to see what new innovations are coming

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At #4, it’s all about innovation.  In the past few years there’s been a shift from just being about “CRM” or customer relationship management but more so towards the full customer experience.  Innovations that providers are coming up with are making it so much easier for not only sales reps to input information but also for customers to get the right experience at the right time.

At SugarWest, we’ll be demonstrating some of the CRM industries latest innovations in technology including products like Hint that allow you to quickly capture accurate customer information into your CRM with the click of a button.  Solutions such as Connect that allow you to synchronize and interact with your entire email, calendar and tasks platform directly back into your CRM.  Advanced analytics and automation are also at the top of the list when it comes to innovations.

We’ll have SugarCRM on-site discussing some of these incredible innovations that are already available and also coming in the near future.

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