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Let’s talk about the SugarCRM roadmap.

Last week we announced SugarWest 2020 coming to Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver.  This is the start of our 10 article series on the top 10 reasons to attend SugarWest 2020.  You can register here if you haven’t already done so.  Seating is limited.

At #10 on our Top 10 reasons, we’re starting off with wanting to know what SugarCRM has coming in 2020.  Chris O’Connell of SugarCRM, Senior Product Marketing Director, will be joining us and not only is he going to demonstrate some of the newest features of Sugar, he’s going to walk us through the SugarCRM roadmap which is full of exciting new additions and provide a bit of a teaser for 2020.

2019 was an exciting year for SugarCRM as they added a whole suite of new products including Sugar Connect, Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve and Sugar Discover.  All of these products address some of the greatest needs of organizations including business intelligence, marketing automation, sales automation, customer help desk and enhanced email productivity suites.

During SugarWest 2020 we will be touching on all of these new products.  The roadmap for 2020 will be unveiled as well so that you can see exactly what to expect from Sugar in 2020.  This is also a great event for non-Sugar customers as it provides an opportunity for you to see what new trends are emerging in the CRM industry.

What could be in store for the SugarCRM roadmap?  Could we see more acquisitions from Sugar? What new enhancements can we expect for the core product suites such as Sugar Sell, Market and Serve?  How will the new additions like Sugar Discover and Sugar Connect change the way we interact (or don’t have to touch) with our CRM?

Check back tomorrow for #9 on our top 10 list.


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