#3 – You want to have instant access to prospect info

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We’re not just a CRM consulting company, we also have our own sales organization at Eligeo.  The most important and valuable tool for us is Sugar Hint.  Can you imagine a world where a lead comes into your CRM and instantly you have access to prospect info without doing anything?  This is SugarCRM’s mission to deliver a no touch CRM system that puts the user into a position of actually loving their CRM.  We love this feature and the efficiency it gives us to continue to drive a more responsive and effective sales process not only for our sales team but also for clients.

The focus on sales today must be on the client themselves.  There’s no more “spray and pray” that can be done.  We need to be more focused on our efforts and we need to let the tools, like our CRM, drive more efficiencies for us.

At SugarWest we’ll be test driving Sugar Hint and running through scenarios to show you how Sugar Hint can accelerate how you close deals faster.

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