#7 – You want to automate processes in your business

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SugarBPM Workflow Example

Automation is the wholly grail of CRM existence.  At least that’s what they used to tell you 15 – 20 years ago and it’s now taken up until recently for vendors like SugarCRM to actually deliver on the promise of what CRM can do for clients.  If you want to automate processes in your business, then you need to attend SugarWest this year so you can see how automation is changing the way businesses execute incredible customer experiences every day.

What can you automate?  There are just a few examples:

  • Stagnant Opportunity Reminders
  • Routing Leads and creating follow up tasks
  • Quote Approvals when margin exceeds 20%
  • Automatically update sales forecasts based on parameters
  • Customer Notification of when status changes occur on Cases
  • Many many more

During SugarWest we will be showing you how you can automate processes easily with a number of examples during our breakout sessions so that you can see the power of SugarBPM at your fingertips.

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