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The #1 thing we hear from our clients is that they want more training.  In the fall of 2019, we did a survey of clients across Western Canada and this was one of the most important requests that we’ve had from the survey.  Hands on training with break out sessions is what asked for and it is what we are delivering.  Landing at #5 is you want hands on training.

This isn’t your typical training session though as we are going to be doing two breakout sessions that are focused on the entire cycle of the customer experience.  We will be using the latest version of Sugar so that users can see the entire end to end cycle of how to progress as a marketing person feeding leads into your CRM, then acting as the sales person to provide sales quotes and follow ups then wrapping things up with delivering exceptional customer service using the service portions of your CRM.  Participants will be given a “persona” to work from through the exercise so that they can feel and learn new best practices on Sugar while also harnessing their existing skills or learning Sugar from scratch.

Who’s this great for?

  • Anybody that has never used a CRM before and they want to try it out in a safe environment.
  • Those that are currently using a CRM (not Sugar) and they want to try something new to compare.
  • Those that are currently Sugar users but want to see what the latest and coolest tech being used in CRM today can do for them.

Be sure to bring your laptop so that you participate in all of the breakout sessions.

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