#2 – You want a no touch CRM – no more data entry

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to enter data into your CRM again?  One of SugarCRM’s four pillars is no touch CRM.  It’s also our #2 reason: You want a no touch CRM.  Yes, you’re not likely ever getting away from entering some things into your CRM but imagine that you had to put more information than you received when putting into a Google search.  Sugar is on a mission to create a CRM solution that provides you with more value than what you have to enter into it yourself.

How do they do it?  You can find out more at SugarWest in a few weeks but to give you a sneak preview it’s done through some of the tools we’ve already talked about including Sugar Hint.  Products that Sugar launched last year such as Sugar Connect (email integration), Sugar Discover (advanced analytics platform) and Sugar Market (marketing automation) pull in troves of information to help better inform your marketing, sales and service teams.

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