#6 – You want to learn more about SugarCRM

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Alright, this might be an obvious one but it’s still on the list. You may have heard of other CRM providers out there like Salesforce and Microsoft. You may have heard of other boutique CRM’s like Hubspot or Zoho. If you haven’t heard of SugarCRM then this is a great opportunity for you to learn about one of the most innovative CRM companies in the world that is advancing their R&D efforts like none other.

I’ve personally been using Sugar since 2006 when it was simply known as Sugar Open Source. It’s come a long way since then and it’s certainly a capable solution in ways you wouldn’t expect. If you’re looking for big box company validation then you can know that IBM and Audi are two prominent customers of Sugar. There’s also that massive fruit mobile phone and computer company and a very large private space company you’ve heard of that both have deployed Sugar across their retail stores and internally both respectively.

Sugar is becoming a game changer with a number of exciting innovations coming. At SugarWest we will have a number of new technologies on display and as part of our breakout sessions so you get to try the future out right now.

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