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Online Seminar & Upcoming CRM Roadshow
March 26th at 9AM PT / 11AM CT

See what the future holds for Customer Relationship Management software then learn from the experts on how to take CRM to the next level in your organization

Eligeo Business Solutions and SugarCRM invite you to join us on our virtual seminar to learn the latest in CRM technologies. This event is designed to provide attendees with a view into the future of technologies that are driving organizations’ productivity today.

SugarCRM’s Chris O’Connell, Senior Product Marketing Director, will be sharing SugarCRM’s roadmap into the future.  Chris will also be taking us through real life use cases of how CRM is being used in organizations all over in the world.

Eligeo’s Derek Major, founder and President, will lead everyone through interactive and informative learning sessions.  Attendees will get first hand experience in using Sugar.