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Workshops are a great way to encourage brainstorming, collaboration and engagement.  Our team can help facilitate your next CRM related workshop.

Eligeo CRM offers a number of workshops designed to help customers build requirements, strategy, adoption and much more.  Our workshops are designed to be at least 1 day or more depending on the required content for the workshop.  Each workshop is customized based on the needs of the client as well as the required content category of the workshop.

Requirements Development

Training Day Workshops

As you work through the development of your CRM project or additional enhancements, it takes time to develop specifics.  Eligeo CRM can help faciliate requirement gathering workshops to help capture the right information to ensure your team has a grasp of what needs to be done.

The needs of your business will be different than other businesses that we work with.  We develop comprehensive training program specific to your team’s needs so that they get the training that they need.

CRM Evaluation Workshops

Strategy & Blue Print Workshops

There are so many CRM solutions available, which one is right for your business?  Eligeo CRM offers workshops specifically around gap analysis, requirement gathering and vendor evaluation.  We work with you to develop a strategy to pick the right CRM and we invite the vendors in to demonstrate their products.

Eligeo CRM’s a specific strategy workshops.  Our workshops are designed to help you build a strategy, project plan, cost estimate and blue print to ensure that your CRM implementation is a success.

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