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Eligeo CRM offers comprehensive training options for on-site, group settings or one-on-one training options.

Eligeo CRM offers CRM training services specifically all of our software offerings.  We have developed comprehensive CRM training services focused on two types of training which include demonstration and guided training. Our demonstration training service is typically more of a walk through for more advanced users whereas for more in depth training we provide guided full-day training sessions for customers. Guided training is highly recommended as it is more interactive and more engaging with our customers.


CRM Guided Training (All-Day)

Our CRM Guided All Day training is designed to provide our customers with a more in-depth approach to training.  We combine a number of the training packages into an interactive all day session where staff will interact with the CRM for the first time, enter data on their own and use the CRM immediately.

  • CRM Basics
  • Leads, Account & Opportunity Management
  • CRM day to day Management
  • Synchronizing your CRM to Outlook or Gmail
  • CRM Report creation and management
  • Activities (logging calls, notes, meetings)
CRM Basics

During CRM basics we will guide you through how to manage leads, accounts and opportunities while also learning how to handle day to day activities.  Unlike our guided training, this is an overview training session that involves walking through the features of your chosen CRM and providing an opportunity for Q&A with one of our experts.  These sessions are held virtually.

  • CRM Basics
  • Leads, Account & Opportunity Management
  • CRM day to day Management
  • Q&A
CRM Customization

We encourage every client to have a CRM admin in their company.  During this course we introduce the basics of customizing your CRM (new fields, layouts and user management).  During the customization session, which is typically designed for 1 to 3 people, you will learn how to execute all of the features of your CRM system so that you can build and control your CRM system without having to contact a consultant.

  • Creating layouts
  • Creating custom fields and developing calculated fields
  • Setting up users, creating roles and permissions
CRM Automation

Unlock the key to workflow automation with your CRM system.  Learn how to automate and create notifications within your CRM system.  Workflows within all of the CRM’s we work with allow you to control approvals and dictate when messages need to be sent out to customers or prospects.

  • Workflows for automating tasks (i.e. creating a task when an action occurs on another record)
  • Workflows to send automated notifications
  • Workflows to create sales related notifications by email to prospects and customers
CRM Campaigns

Learn how to create and manage email blasts directly from either Zoho or Sugar.  This is a basic campaign management introduction where we work you to develop target lists, set up mass email and execute a basic email campaign strategy.  This does not replace email marketing solutions such as MailChimp, Zoho Campaigns or Marketing Cloud.  This is an interactive training course where the participants will actually send out mass emails to a test list.

  • Setting up CRM for mass email
  • Create a campaign target list
  • Sending and executing emails
CRM Reports & Dashboards

Learn how to create reports and implement dashboards within your home page.  During this course we will show users how to create their own reports using the CRM’s given report creation tools.  You will also learn how to utilize reports and data to be displayed on your homepage and dashboard pages of your CRM.

  • Creating custom reports
  • Reviewing existing report systems inside of your CRM
  • Applying reports and utilizing Dashboards effectively
CRM Custom Training

Eligeo CRM is known for building custom solutions that help its customers take their CRM systems to the next level.  When Eligeo CRM develops highly customized solutions for its customers we will also work with you to develop custom training plans.  We can also work with customers to help them better understand their systems and develop training related to them as well.

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