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After the implementation, we're there every day to help

Unlimited CRM Support Services

Eligeo CRM has designed a comprehensive unlimited CRM support service that provides great value and a true partner in ensuring your success with your CRM.  Our CRM Virtual Assistant packages are designed to give you the in-house database manager that you desire but can’t justify the cost.  Our SugarCRM Support team also includes developers and consultants to help ensure the long term success of your CRM implementation.


Block of Hours

For customers that are not quite ready to bring on a full time SugarCRM Support person or simply want to the benefits of having a near on demand support person, we offer the ability to pre-pay for a block of hours.  You can work with our SugarCRM Support team for all inquiries including programming, database administration and consulting.

SugarCRM Support Services

  • CRM Implementation
  • Software add-on’s and integrations development
  • Consulting services including reviews and strategy
  • Process Author workflows
  • Custom logic hooks
  • Custom Modules
  • Remote support or training
  • Data import or export
  • Systems troubleshooting
  • Sugar server administration
  • And much much more

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