Sales Quotes

Create a quote quickly then email it in an instant.

Sales representatives want to get information out quickly to their customers.  With SugarCRM’s sales quotes tool you can quickly and easily send out professional looking sales quotes.  You can also integrate your quotes module directly in with your ERP/Accounting system so that everything matches up perfectly.

Customizable PDF Templates

Sugar allows you to easily create your own custom templates.  You can create a number of different templates that your sales teams can utilize to send out using the information they capture in the sales quotes module.

Integrated Product Catalog

Sugar has a built in product catalog function that can be used to store all of your product information.  If your product catalog changes frequently then you can easily import updated spreadsheets using the simple import utility of SugarCRM.

ERP / Accounting Integration

If you already have a product catalog in your ERP / Accounting system, you can easily integrate that into Sugar.  Your sales people can easily see stock levels and product information directly from the source.