Sales Management

Sugar is the ultimate sales tracking tool.

Sugar is an incredible platform for your business.  It’s also an incredible sales management tool to help you to track, hunt, follow up and close deals quickly and efficiently.  SugarCRM is the CRM that is easy to use that offers all kinds of features to help you get the most of your sales teams.

If you’re looking for a simple and easy to use sales management system, then you’ve found it in SugarCRM.

Opportunity Tracking

Sugar offers detailed opportunity tracking modules to help you stay on top of the deals you have with clients.  Combined with Sugar’s Sales Quoting tools, you have the perfect system to track your sales pipeline for your sales teams.

Sales Forecasting

While tracking your opportunities is critical, you can also use the sales forecasting tools of Sugar.  Along with the regular CRM Reporting & Dashboards features, you have all of the tools you need to know what revenues to expect over a given time period.

Sales Stages

Most businesses that we work with already have a sales process in place.  Sugar allows you to easily transpose your sales process into stages directly inside of your opportunities tracking module.  Transitioning to Sugar’s sales management is as easy as that.

Sales Planning & Automation

Every prospect will go through a customer journey.  You can plan this out within your CRM using advanced workflow tools by automatically assigning tasks, calls and meetings to your teams to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.