Sales Forecasting

Plan your sales accurately with Sugar Sales Forecasting.

Sugar’s sales forecasting tool is a comprehensive suite of tools that allow you to not only forecast sales for your organization but also create accountability for the sales teams so that they can stay on top of their funnels.  Forecasting is a great tool that sales teams use to conduct their regular sales meetings.

Planning by Fiscal Year

Sugar administrators can easily configure Forecasting for your own specific fiscal year no matter the end month.  You can also configure sales forecasting either by month or quarter to help you stay focused on closing deals.

Committing a forecast

Sugar users have the ability to log into their own forecast worksheet so that they can develop their own forecast for an upcoming period of time.  They can then report that forecast to their manager with the click of a button.

Planning done right

As a sales manager, you have the ability to easily built your sales management process directly inside of Sugar’s forecasting tool.  This allows you to tweak and adjust the sales plan based on all of the data you have at your finger tips.