Lead Management

Track & qualify your leads right from Sugar.

SugarCRM has a lead management system that allows your sales teams to easily work through lists of leads and prospects.  Sugar makes it easy for you to capture leads from a variety of sources including your website, events, trade shows and marketing automation.   Sugar’s lead management tools also allow you to take advantage of calculated fields and workflow and automation processes that make it easy to stay on top of what’s important.

Track Leads from your website

Sugar has built in web forms for lead management that allow you to easily capture leads from your website into the CRM.  Using advanced workflow you can setup round robin notifications for your sales teams to easily contact and qualify leads.

Convert Leads to Opportunities

As part of your lead management process, you will be qualifying and eventually converting leads to opportunities.  Sugar allows you to easily qualify using check lists to ensure that your leads are qualified before adding them to your sales forecast.