Email Integration

Email integration, calendar & contacts sync made easy.

SugarCRM is a great platform with a number of email integration solutions available. The Microsoft Outlook plugin offers a number of features to make it easy to synchronize data with SugarCRM.  Collabspot is also available for users that would like to use email integration inside of their web browser for either Office 365 or Gmail.

Archiving Important Emails

Using either Collabspot or Outlook plugin you can easily archive emails directly into Sugar.  Both plugins allow you to archive emails automatically for specific email addresses as needed.

Intelligence Panel

As emails flow into your inbox and you click on the email, the intelligence panel will show you information directly from your CRM.  Whether you’re using Gmail or Outlook, the information will be visible directly inside of your email application.

Sync Contacts

Sugar Outlook plugin and Collabspot both allow a user to select which contacts can be synchronized with Sugar by simply marking them.  Users can also indicate which records need to be synchronized from Sugar to either Gmail or Outlook.

Sync Calls & Meetings

Meetings and calls from Sugar can be synchronized into either Outlook or Gmail with a click of a button.  You can make notes and set appointments directly from Google Calendar or Outlook to have them synchronize directly in Sugar to the appropriate contact and account.