Customization & Configuration

Tailor your CRM to meet the needs of your business

The most important aspect of a CRM is its ability to allow for CRM customization.  SugarCRM offers a number of customization options to help you make the system work within the confines of your business, not of the CRM vendors.  The flexibility and ease of use of the CRM customization tools allow administrators to take their business requirements and easily adapt them into SugarCRM.

Custom Fields

SugarCRM offers a number of out of the box fields, you can also create as many custom fields as you want.  Whether you’d like to add more text boxes, check boxes, encrypted fields or more, you can do it.

Calculated Fields

Sugar has the ability to calculate values on the fly within individual records.  This could include information such as lifetime value of clients or total value of opportunities in the funnel.  You can also calculate things such as commission rates for sales people.

Dependent Fields

Sugar also allows you to create dependent fields so that they only display if you need them to be shown.  A great example of this is when an opportunity is lost and you want to capture the reason why the opportunity was lost.