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CRM Strategy

Building your CRM is a lot like building a house.  Build your blue print, then build your CRM.

When it comes to building and developing a comprehensive CRM solution for your business, understanding your CRM Strategy is critical.  Eligeo CRM has developed a comprehensive business process consulting practice that looks at marketing, sales, customer service and operations to fully understand how your business operates so that you can leverage technology the right way.

Your CRM strategy is critical to ensure that you’ve made the right decisions in terms of business process in advance of proceeding with your SugarCRM implementation.  Your CRM is a complex undertaking, which is why it is so important to take the time to truly understand how your business works as it relates to CRM.  Our CRM Strategy workshops will help you define, understand and provide a plan for execution.

Build your own CRM Strategy

Our senior consultants work directly with our customers to help them develop a blue print for each phase of their SugarCRM implementation.  Your blue print is designed to help guide you and your SugarCRM Consultant through the entire implementation process.

What's involved?

  • An in-depth kick off call occurs prior to your CRM Strategy Workshops
  • We provide a pre-workshop survey to all participants and stakeholders as it relates to your CRM implementation
  • Workshops are up to 2-days in length and can either be done on-site or virtually
  • We collectively document your high level business processes, workflows and project plan
CRM Strategy Mission and Vision

Talk to an expert

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