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SugarCRM Consulting

The CRM software you purchase is just part of the equation, our SugarCRM Consulting services help you succeed from the start.

At Eligeo CRM, we are the CRM architects.  Our customers rely on us to help them develop strategies and plans to help them succeed with their CRM implementations.  Whether you need help with implementation, analysis, training or on-going support, we have your back.  Our SugarCRM Consulting services are designed to accelerate and enhance your usage of SugarCRM for your business.  Eligeo CRM has been working with SugarCRM for over 10-years.  We’ll help guide you through the entire process.

SugarCRM Consulting Strategy

CRM Strategy

Eligeo CRM offers comprehensive CRM Strategy workshops to help you define your business processes while planning for your CRM implementation.

SugarCRM Consulting Starter Kits

CRM Starter Kits

Small and Medium sized businesses can benefit from our CRM Starter Kits for SugarCRM that are designed to help you get started quickly with your new CRM.

SugarCRM Consulting CRM Workshops

CRM Workshops

Our workshops can vary depending on the needs of your organization.  Workshops include sales discovery, workflow development and much more.  These workshops help you build out a plan for your SugarCRM implementation or uncover ways of improving existing business processes.

SugarCRM Consulting Support Packages

Support Packages

Eligeo CRM becomes your CRM Help Desk, development team and support personnel all for one low monthly fee.

SugarCRM Consulting CRM Audit

CRM Audit

Not satisfied with your current implementation of your CRM?  Our SugarCRM Consulting services allow us to take a look at it to see if there’s a way we can rescue your CRM.

SugarCRM Consulting CRM Audit

CRM Training

Not sure if you or your team is using their CRM to its fullest?  Our SugarCRM Consulting services include designing the perfect training course for you on-site or virtually.


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