Advanced Workflow

Automate your processes with a visual editor.

SugarCRM offers a comprehensive advanced workflow tool.  Many of our clients will participate in CRM Strategy sessions that allow them to incorporate the workflows developed in those workshops directly into the workflow tool of Sugar.  Advanced workflow will allow you to automate reminders and even set up basic marketing follow ups such as drip marketing campaigns.

Automate Reminders

Sugar allows administrators to setup basic business rules that encourage follow ups by sales staff. If you have a rule that will follow up with a lead in 5 hours, you can have workflow automatically reminder every one before the deadline gets missed.

Approval Processes

Advanced Workflow has a built in approval process tool that allows you to stop processes until someone with the right permissions can approve a process.  This is great for approving discounts on sales quotes or encouraging involvement of other team members in the process.

Basic Marketing Tools

Sugar’s advanced workflow tool has basic marketing capabilities built into it so that you can quickly create drip marketing campaigns based on the data in your CRM.

Customization & Integrations

Sugar also offers a number of ways for developers to tailor and customize the workflow tools to meet the needs of the business.  You can also utilize third party integrations include our own Simple Text (SMS) Messenger tool that is built directly into advanced workflow.