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SugarCRM is the #1 rated small business CRM.  Learn how your business can grow with SugarCRM.

Eligeo CRM is SugarCRM’s Go-To Canadian Partner.  SugarCRM is a highly flexible, scalable and affordable customer relationship management software for small and medium sized business.  Sugar’s offering is available as both on-demand, private cloud or on-premise in your own data centre.  Eligeo CRM is a certified partner of SugarCRM and a recognized leader in CRM thought leadership in Canada.

SugarCRM is easy to use

Your customer relationship management tool should be easy to use.  SugarCRM is one of the easiest CRM’s in the world to use.  Unlike other online software products, SugarCRM is extremely scalable and has the ability to grow with your business while not burdening your staff with unnecessary features.

Free 1-Hour Discovery Call

Not sure if Sugar is a fit for your business?  No obligations.  No commitments.  Spend an hour with us to tell us a little bit about your business and see if Sugar might be a fit for you.

The CRM your sales people will love

SugarCRM is designed to be a CRM that makes it easier for sales people to do their jobs.  Whether they are mobile, on their desktop or using their phone – there’s an easy way to capture data.  Gone are the days of manual data entry and now the CRM can interact easily with your phones, emails and chat.

SugarCRM Canada - Sales forecasting
SugarCRM Canada - Sales forecasting

Intelligence at your fingertips

SugarCRM also offers comprehensive intelligence tools to help your marketing, sales and service teams better understand who your customers are.  SugarCRM integrates with a number of data sources including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and many others to provide you with in-depth details that you might not otherwise have known.

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