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Today I’m going to run through creating a summation report which is a report displayed in groups, summarized using SUM, AVG, MAX and MIN.  The process for creating this reports is exactly the same as in my last blog.  You hover over reports, select create report when it appears, select a module on the report wizard and then choose your filters but just incase you haven’t had the pleasure of reading my last blog, I shall give you a minute to pop back and read it! 🙂

CallsSelect your module and fields on the next two pages, such as accounts > billing city and accounts > A/P contact, and then edit the information in the define filters boxes that appear on the right.  This is where you can specify the detail in your report such as it containing a certain word only.  If it’s not in the order that you would like on your report, simply drag and drop it into place.  There are so many options that vary from report to report so the choice really is yours!


On the next screen, I had a pop up stating that I needed at least one Group By and Summary column to be able to input a chart but I couldn’t select the fields.  I wanted to include a chart in my report so I went back and re-selected my fields assigned to user > name and added a member of my team so that my report would be specific to them.  The error was because I had selected to many columns in my first attempt.

I was then able to select my chart type (horizontal bar, vertical bar, pie, line or funnel are available) and enter the data series I wanted, name the report (after clicking next), assign it to me and hit save and run.  This provided me with an overview so that I could see what I’d put together and was also the moment where I had my fingers crossed that it was what I was after!

Thankfully it came out looking great.  I enjoy learning the tricks behind SugarCRM because it’s all quite simple and is useful in so many ways.  It really can change the way you view your organization and the beauty of this report, is that you can have it show as a dashlet on your dashboard so it’s right where you want it when you need it most!

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