SugarCRM Launches New Omnichannel Customer Service Integration



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Savvy business owners are paying attention to COVID-19 and making changes to the ways they communicate with customers. SugarCRM’s new omnichannel customer service tool helps businesses adapt to the increasing demand for remote customer service.  

As the predicted second wave of COVID-19 takes its toll, people are adapting to the reality that it’s not business as usual. A vaccine will likely make a difference, but smart business owners are making changes to how they do business for the long haul.

The reality is that COVID-19 has impacted society in ways that will long outlast the virus itself, and the possibility of another pandemic is all too real. In short, it is incumbent on businesses to adapt to the new reality.

Because of the pandemic, omnichannel customer service makes more sense than ever. When health authorities impose new restrictions, people need options in how they interact with your business.

By giving your customers a choice and offering them a variety of ways to reach you, you improve communications. And improved communications lead to better customer service and higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

SugarLive – A New Integration with Amazon Connect

SugarCRM recently launched a new cloud-based omnichannel customer service tool to help companies deliver high-definition customer experience. SugarLive  is a new integration with Amazon Connect offering voice, chat and text messaging for omnichannel customer service and support.

SugarLive offers fast, simple, easy-to-deploy solutions with embedded omnichannel capacity integrated within a complete customer service console. The platform embeds Amazon Connect’s omnichannel contact centre into Sugar Serve’s service console. This allows customer service teams to effortlessly direct, track and prioritize customer service interactions.

“By offering a single, unified view of the customer, from their very first marketing engagement to understanding their service needs, Sugar is replacing a fragmented, out-of-date, and incomplete picture with a sharply focused understanding of both the customer and the business.”- Rich Green, Chief Product Officer and CTO, SugarCRM,

If you have any questions about SugarCRM and cloud-based omnichannel customer service, please contact us at Eligeo Business Solutions. We are a full-service business consultancy that helps businesses adopt new technologies. Also, please follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming news and updates.

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