Sugar 10 – Here are the details!


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We have a lot of clients who are using Sugar On-Premise and since a few years ago, it’s a little bit like Christmas around this time of year for many as new features are rolled out that are available to them.  Now, we don’t necessarily upgrade them right away but we do start planning out what that looks like for them over the coming months.  If you’re on-demand, whether it’s Sugar Sell, Server, Enterprise or Pro, you’ll also be getting new features but not as many as the on-premise users since, well, you’ve had many of the features they are getting since last summer.

To get the full detailed list, check out these links specific to your version of Sugar.

Here are the big highlights for this release.

Record View Enhancements (All Editions)

It’s now easier than ever to see areas within your record view that is missing information.  Sugar now highlights specific fields where you can add more information.

Shareable Filters (All Editions)

We’ve already been able to share dashboards across users. You can now share filters as well as they are adopted for different users viewing dashboards whether its on your homepage, record or list views.

Comment Log Enhancements (All Editions)

The comment log now has a number of enhancements including tagging users and linking to other records within Sugar.

Revenue Line Items on Lead Conversion (Enterprise/Sell)

If you use the Revenue Line Item feature then this will be a welcome addition to lead conversions.  You can now include RLI’s as part of your lead convert process.

Support for Service Products (Enterprise/Sell/Serve)

There is now full support for Service-based or recurring products within Sugar.  You can classify these to help you better track opportunities that are recurring.  This is great for software based organizations.

SugarBPM Enhancements (Enterprise/Sell/Serve)

Lots of great enhancements for SugarBPM are here this release including the ability to target new modules including Emails.  You can build workflow off of Emails records within your CRM now which opens up a lot of new possibilities.  In addition, there are some new tweaks and enhancements to improve the way you can coordinate processes within Sugar.


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