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Sugar Serve Service Console


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If you’ve been following along with SugarCRM the last few months, then you’ve noticed a big tidal wave of new product announcements, re-branding and pure excitement in the Sugar community.  There are a new of new products at SugarCRM.  We’re certainly thrilled about the new offerings and are very excited about introducing them to our clients to help them harness the power of Sugar and their growing suite of products.  Here’s a look at some of the new products at SugarCRM that have been announced since August.

Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell isn’t much different right now than what you would find with the previous Sugar Professional and Enterprise (now only available on-premise).  The key differences in my mind though is going to be the underlying architecture of the system.  Sugar has been investing a lot of R&D effort into building Sugar’s platform onto the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloudAmazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.  It isn’t just about the software but the underlying performance and capabilities I think that will be make a marketed difference to clients using Sugar Sell.  In the past, our clients would need to rely on their on-premise solutions for scaling but the new offerings from Sugar offer built in scalability but also unique features only AWS can offer such as machine learning and artificial intelligence offerings that I think you will start to see in coming months and years.  Not to forget too, we now have a Canadian data centre option available.

New features found on Sugar Sell (and existing Pro/Enterprise clients) is features such as Tiles.  This is essentially the answer to Kan Ban and it replaces our popular Visual Sales Pipeline product that we have decommissioned as a result.  We’re excited to move our clients over to the offerings out of the box with Sugar.  We’re also treated to a number of new enhancements across the board particularly in workflow.

Sugar Serve

Sugar has always been a good customer service offering.  We’ve built a lot of custom interfaces, dashlets and dashboards to accommodate the needs of our clients that are using Sugar.  With Serve though, a lot of these things we customized in the past are coming right out of the box.  The new service console is spectacular and provides intelligence to service reps out of the box.  It really is a game changer and there is still a lot more to come.  Workflows out of the box for Sugar Serve clients will also include SLA management and approvals that you can turn on and get going with right away.  If you operate in different time zones, you can take advantage of the new business centres features.  Serve also strips away a lot of the sales functionality (hence Sell and Serve) and allows a lot of our clients looking for specific use cases around Service to effectively get that product without having to worry about all of the sales components.  Or, you can get both Serve and Sell in one package.

Sugar Discover

As a Sugar Partner, we first heard about Sugar Discover a number of months ago (before they had a name).  It’s been kept under wraps as they were re-tooling the product to what it is today.  It really is taking business intelligence and reporting to a new level in terms of simplicity.  Our clients (and us!) want solutions that we can implement that can quickly give insights to clients about the performance of sales and service teams quickly and easily.  We don’t like fuss, we hate playing with filters, we want it now.  I think Sugar Discover is going to deliver on this in a big way.

Sugar Connect

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you probably noticed my excitement for Sugar Connect.  I’ve used Mac’s for years (although I dabble back and forth with Windows), but my pure excitement is having an Outlook connector built right into  my Mac version of Outlook.  There are workarounds and third party offerings but Sugar Connect is promising to not only give us the integrations we want with G-Suite and Office 365 – but also intelligence.  After the acquisition of Collabspot in February this year, I was immediately curious to see where Sugar would take things.  I was an early adopter of trying out Collabspot Connect (the former name) and was immediately impressed with what it could bring to the table.  It’s not just email sync but also offers intelligence tools that will be coming to Sugar soon as well.

What other new products at SugarCRM can we expect?

Who knows.  There are so many new things going on at Sugar and there’s always whispers of new acquisitions to broaden the portfolio at the company.  We’ve already seen Sugar Market launch for marketing automation (we’re working internally on our training and certifications as we speak) and of course the overhaul on the cloud offerings.  There’s certainly lots to ponder as things continue to grow at Sugar which is only going to benefit clients.

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