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So as I promised in my last blog, today I shall talk you through creating a report.  There are several different types of reports that you can create but for today I am going to focus on creating a rows and columns one.  It’s more than likely the one that most of us are used to seeing so that should keep it easy.

ModulesWhen you are logged into SugarCRM hover the mouse over where it says reports at the top so that a drop down box appears.  Click on create report and you shall be taken to a page where the different types of reports are listed.  Select the rows and columns one and then you’ll be shown all of the different modules that are available on your SugarCRM.  I have chosen to select contacts today.

Once you have selected your module it will take you to the report wizard page where on the left, you can see the related modules box so have a look through and select the information you’d like in your report.  It is done via a tree view so if you click on one that you decide against going with, simply click on the subtract sign next to the folder and it shall be removed.  Scroll down until you see the field name box below and select the fields you want.  I see it that a module is more of an overview whilst the field is more specific.

okoWhen you are adding the fields you would like, you will see that boxes appear on the right.  These are where you specify how you want the particular field to be used.  For example, you can have the report run all names that contain the name ‘Smith’ or all telephone numbers that aren’t blank.  Brilliant for the finer detailed reports.

Once you have added these, scroll down and click next that is in the bottom left hand corner.  The following page is for selecting the columns on your report so you simply repeat the process from above, adding in the details you need.  Once this is complete go to the next screen where you can give your report a name.  Try to make it descriptive because you don’t want to end up with 3 reports called ‘Karen’ because that will definitely cause confusion somewhere down the line!

K testUpon creating your report for the first time, this is where I would advise hitting save and run report to see a preview of what you’ve created, just to confirm it’s what you’re after.  If there is something that you’d like to change then towards the top left of your screen, you have the run report option with an action button.  As you can see in my picture,  the dropdown has a few options but the one you’d click on is edit.  This will allow you to go back and change the modules and fields to your choosing.

I’d also like to point out the schedule option on the dropdown.  How fantastic is it that you can create your own report and then schedule it to run as and when you need it? Time management at it’s best!

Keep following my blog to find out how to run the various types of reports available!

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