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When SugarCRM released Sugar Hint, this was a huge game changer when it came to delivering even more value to sales representatives using a CRM.  Many organizations find themselves using their CRM’s as a “data tracking” tool.  Many sales people will tell you how much they either hate it or love it as well.  I’ve found that since the release of Sugar Hint, sales people have not only warmed up to Sugar, they are using it as their primary prospecting tool.  You can even look at our internal team at Eligeo to see how its impacted us.  It’s huge.

So what makes Sugar Hint so powerful?  Let’s walk through a few things that I think are really changing things with Sugar Hint.

#1 – Info, it’s readily available with a name and an email

Sugar Hint Example

Whether you’re in the Leads, Accounts or Contacts module, you can punch in a first name, last name and email address.  This pulls up information into the Hint Panel to give you all kinds of insights into your contact.  As you can see with mine, there’s plenty to find on there.  Not all of the information is accurate such as phone numbers.  One is an older number that I used to have and the other is a now defunct fax number (who really faxes anymore?).

But, with that said, there is a lot of information here that is accurate.  The company name, my title, industry information and address information.  Our company description is also there.

#2 – Import the data with a click of a button

You can pull all of this information directly into your CRM with the click of the download button next to each piece of information.  How cool is that?  If you’re as lazy as I am with typing information into a CRM, then this should get you all of the way.  One of the things that we truly appreciate that SugarCRM is doing is really driving home the “touchless CRM” concept.

#3 – Sugar Hint Insights

This to me is one of the most important, and fairly new.  It has features that I think has really given us more insight to our existing clients.  Hint Insights gives you the latest news and trends happening around the web that Sugar Hint is actively collecting on your behalf.  You can see this information directly in your CRM.  You can also receive a weekly digest giving you a synopsis from the entire week.  I typically scan through this to find out what’s news worthy for our clients.  This allows me to be proactive in our discussions.  A great example is if a key decision maker has left or potentially a large acquisition.  It’s important that you get on top of that in case there’s an opportunity for you.

That’s a few points on my thoughts on Hint.  I really think it’s a great and powerful tool that really is something that can help sales people have a lot more success when working with their own prospects.

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