Spoonful of Sugar – A High-Level Overview of Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market

Spoonful of Sugar – A High-Level Overview of Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market

Learn about one of the most robust business technology systems for sales, support, and marketing teams.

Welcome to our weekly webinar series, where we tackle a new product, feature, and idea every week to help you manage your business. We help our clients make business software work for them by providing technology consulting and custom software solutions.

This video is part of her Spoonful of Sugar series where we explore Sugar solutions, customizations, and use cases. In this video, our Solutions Consultant, Shelbi will give you a high-level overview of Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market.

People come to Eligeo every day looking for a solution for:

  • scattered customer data,
  • inability to sell collaboratively,
  • unstructured and unrepeatable sales process,
  • the inability for accurate forecasting, and
  • limited customer insight.

So, let us touch on three core Sugar products, Sell, Serve, and Market to help with those things.

These products offer the functionality to harness customer data, discover actionable insights and the next best steps, free up representatives’ time with no-touch information management capabilities, and increase revenue through robust marketing capabilities.


Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell is an award-winning automation solution renowned for ease of use and extensibility. With Sell, you spend less time entering and finding data, improve the predictability of sales, manage activities and interactions, and drive greater customer loyalty by streamlining your sales cycle.

Let’s review the core capabilities of Sugar Sell.

This CRM offers you a very centralized space to organize your customer data. You have a module for your leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and more.

There is a lot of information stored within each account so if you have your client on the phone you can see all of the interaction histories right from one place.

Sugar Hint

On the intelligence panel, we have the Hint functionality. Sugar Hint is an optional paid plugin. It’s scraping the internet from 70 different data points for information on your lead or your account.

Say you just have the email address of a prospect. The Hint feature can pull up a ton of information on this account for you. It also pulls over avatars and company logos to personalize the account a little bit more. When you have all this information that the Internet has sourced for you if you click the little cloud here to enrich the data. It can automatically input all that information into your lead or contact, without you having to manually transfer it.

If you scroll down on the Hint panel, you’ll also see a News section. This section is pulling real-time news articles based on this company, so you’ll always stay up to date on your accounts. It is a great icebreaker and a good opportunity to know if your lead has run into some legal issues or got a new round of funding, so on and so forth.

Customer Journey Plug-in

Another great feature of the Sugar Sell is the Customer Journey (CJP) subpanel. Again, CJP is a paid optional plug-in. If you have administrative rights, you can build out the different customer journeys. You can also have multiple journeys for each account. For this example, we just have one: Yearly Account Planning. We have mapped out four different phases or customer journeys that we want to take this customer on. This feature allows you to stay in line with your service level agreements and ensure that every customer is getting the exact treatment and process that your company has outlined. The representative just needs to go to this section and mark that a step of the process is completed before proceeding to the next one. You can add date stamps as well. The little icons indicate whether it’s an internal task that needs to be completed, whether there actually needs to be a meeting booked at this stage, whether it’s a customer task, or whether it’s a milestone that you’ve reached within that customer journey.


Another key feature for Sugar Sell is the forecasting module. If we click into one, for example, Mr. Will Westin, we can see at a very granular level that he’s committed his forecast for me on a revenue line-item level which just ensures that your forecast is going to be more accurate. This can be done right from the CRM.


Another module that’s worth pointing out for Sugar Sell is the Quotes module. Oftentimes this has to be done outside of your CRM, but this can be generated right from Sugar CRM. All you have to do is fill in the business card details and then on the right-hand side you can see the product catalog. Simply click on the products or services that you would like to add to your invoice. Once you fill this out and have saved it, you have a few different options. You can:

  • export this invoice as a PDF
  • share a link internally
  • save it to the account

Sugar BPM

Sugar BPM is also another great feature for Sugar Sell. If we jump over to the business definitions module, you can get a quick glance at what these might look like if you do build them out. These are business automations. They can be very simple or they can be built to be very complex. If you have repeatable tasks, you can set up automations to Let The Platform Do The Work.


With Sugar Sell, you have access to a ton of out-of-the-box reports that you can generate, or you can create your own. There are four different types of reports that you can create:


You can pin “dashlets” to your dashboard for a quick snapshot of anything you want. You can customize this in pin whatever reports and dashlets you want on your dashboard. For example, if you’re the VP of Sales for your company, you may want the following dashlets:

  • My Contacts
  • Your pipeline is based on status and value (you can toggle between your team’s pipeline as well as just your own)
  • Number of opportunities created by the user by month
  • Open tasks by status to keep your finger on the pulse
  • Top ten sales revenue line items by a team and just for yourself
  • Forecasting bar charts (again, you can toggle between your team’s forecast as well as your own)

According to a survey of Sugar Sell clients, we learned that clients saw a positive change in their business after working with Eligeo and adopting Sugar. There was a 30% increase in deal closures, a 27% increase in deal size, an 18% reduction in the average sales cycle, and a 14% reduction in the sales admin time.

Eligeo can help you get the most out of the platform by helping you set it up and train your team for proper user adoption. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Sugar Serve

As soon as you log on to your Sugar Serve account, you’ll see that you have nine pre-built reports to monitor your support team’s performance at a glance.

The first three dash lets that you see in the support console will help you plan your activities for the day a little more efficiently. For example, you have My Open Cases by Follow Up Dates. This offers a visual representation of your customer interactions based on their follow-up dates. The second one is the Planned Activities dashlet which outlines your upcoming meetings and calls. The third one is your Active Tasks to manage the task that you have that day.

In the second row, you have My Open Cases by Status, My Recently Viewed Cases to give you fast access to your high-priority cases or the cases that you viewed most recently. The next one is My Cases in the Last Week by Status. In this dashlet, you’ll have access to the cases for the last 7 days and the status that’s been attributed to them.

If you keep scrolling down in the third row, you have Open Cases By User By Status, My Case Is Resolved This Month By Week, and The Status Of Open Tasks Assigned By Me. The last one lets you check on your team’s responsibilities allows you to look ahead, in case you need to re-disperse tasks.

Imagine that you are a customer service agent and over the weekend you had many support inquiries come into your CRM. Obviously, the goal here is to organize, prioritize and solve your customer support problems quickly and efficiently. Sugar Serve’s Service Console presents you with the necessary information to organize your workload and to quickly understand your customer and case details. It will also offer you the tools to help articulate case-routing protocols. streamline business process definitions, and with a clean comprehensive overview.

If you click on the Cases tab at the top of the page, you’ll see that this is where the cases will come from. The Service Console offers your support agents a fast and super concise view of the cases that they need to manage.

The Sugar Serve lists out all your open cases with tags and color codes for the status, and it gives you as much information as possible about each assigned case with the subject and description as well as the business center and associated accounts.

If you click into a case ticket, you’ll notice on the right-hand side that four panels have popped up. The first one is an overview of the case, any associated tasks, contact information, and documents. The second is the comment log to the right of that which is a panel that allows you to add comments about the case, provide better insights, and keep track of those client interactions. The next two panels offer a better overview of the customer profile, the assigned business center, and some more details about the account. The fourth one is the case timeline which gives you a detailed timeline with the date and time stamps. You can also add email, call, meeting, and note history in this section. Lastly, one of the most important duties as a Support Agent or Manager is ensuring that all service level agreements are met, if not exceeded.

If we navigate to the Business Centres Module, you’ll be able to create support centers in different time zones, so you can calculate your company’s SLA business hours here. If you had administrative rights, you could set the working hours for your team. You can also scroll down to the Business Holidays Module and set which days you will be closed for the holidays to ensure that when you are following up with your case, it automatically calculates the appropriate follow-up dates.

Sugar Serve is a complete customer support tool that offers easy access to information and rich content about each support case. There is reporting in this system as well and it facilitates communication between your sales reps and your customers.

Eligeo can help you get the most out of the platform by helping you set it up and train your team for proper user adoption. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Sugar Market

A marketer’s objective is to increase lead quality, volume, and throughput, quantify and amplify return on marketing investment, and improve customer experience and retention. The average marketer uses 12 different applications to achieve this common goal on any given day. Sugar has simplified this process and it focuses on four key points:

  • streamlining campaign creation
  • understanding engagement
  • improving conversion
  • driving more revenue

When you first log into your Sugar Market account, you will land on the global dashboard where you see several dashlets providing you with a snapshot of insightful data which you can of course click into and drill into to make sure that you’re making better business decisions based on these analytics.

With our email builder, you can personalize emails and landing pages. You can also add lead routing and automation rules once you build out your custom email templates, landing pages, and forms.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation helps you improve content, personalization and get better results from your digital efforts. You can tailor the message and the content to each individual based on their interests, their engagement level, and the stage of their buying cycle. These programs can be set up to run automatically and they can be triggered to start based on a few key prospect features including the demographic characteristics, the contact’s job title, or their behavior (whether they signed up to a newsletter, registered for a webinar, or clicked a link in the emails that you sent)

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring can be boiled down to using data to calculate how promising a lead is. The Business Development Team creates these rules only after intense conversations with the Sales and marketing teams. Once the lead scoring rules are created, they are loaded into a marketing automation system, and this is how the marketing team recognizes a “hot lead”. When a pre-set lead score is reached these are passed down to your sales teams or your business development reps. That’s why having a marketing automation tool that perfectly integrates with your CRM is so important because it really bridges that gap. It automates passing down the leaves and facilitates conversation between marketing and sales teams. In the marketing-sales dynamic the sales team plays the middlemen of ensuring that the lead is 100% sales-ready and that there are no potential deals that are falling through the cracks.

You can even build out Google Ads directly in your Sugar Market account with easy-to-fill-in campaign templates. And of course, coming back to analytics, Sugar Market enables marketers to correlate results to specific marketing tactics, empowering better decision-making to drive sales and marketing alignment.

Eligeo can help you get the most out of the platform by helping you set it up and train your team for proper user adoption. Contact us today for a free consultation.