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Interactive task management directly from Zendesk Sell

Don’t have yet?  Sign up for a free trial account here. for Zendesk Sell is a free solution that allows you to connect boards and items from directly into Zendesk Sell.  You can now kick off projects directly from Zendesk Sell into

Two modes of integration available

Project Management Mode or Sync Mode

Project Management Mode

You can connect or create an entire board directly from Zendesk Sell.  You can filter any of the items from your board by any status column that you’ve created in

Sync Mode

In Sync Mode you can associate a single board with your entire Zendesk Sell instance.  This will allow you to see all of the columns from

You can use sync mode to kick off automations inside of 

All updates and comments made to your items will also be visible from Zendesk Sell.

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