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The power of SMS within

eText for brings easy texting to your favourite work operations system. eText bridges the connection for Twilio and allowing you to send and receive SMS messages to numbers in phone columns.

This app is now available for download in the app marketplace.

Warning: Not all countries are able to utilize eText due to local governance and Twilio policies.  Countries included in these policies include Australia and the United Kingdom.  You can find more information here.

eText is fully compatible for accounts within Canada and the United States.

We can customize eText for you

Create, send, and receive
SMS messages in real-time

right from

Our intuitive texting tool is available as an item view app to be used on a board with a phone column. You can quickly and easily send a message and communicate in real-time.

You can add the integration to any board with a phone number column and watch the magic happen.

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One Device

Easily send text messages entirely
from your app and
Twilio connection.

Real-time Tracking

Track the status of your outgoing texts and view incoming messages in real-time and in one place.

Time Stamped Texts

Keep an eye on communication
with time stamps on both incoming
and outgoing messages.

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Frequently Asked


Can I use information from the item to fill in my text area?

Though not available at the moment, Eligeo is working to include this feature in a future release.

I am already using Twilio to send SMS, can the messages sent there be tracked in eText?

Messages sent outside of eText cannot be tracked using the app.

Can I change my Twilio number to show as my user or company name?

You can program a different name in your Twilio account but only for one-way messages. Sender customization can’t be done using eText.

I would like to attach an image to my message, is this possible?

Images are not supported at this time but we are working to allow additions of attachments in the future.