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Quoting directly inside of

eQuotes for monday.com brings the power of quoting directly inside of monday.com. eQuotes for monday.com automatically creates your quotes, products and templates boards so that you can be up and running within minutes.

Our easy to use quote tool is connected to the items on your Quote board so that you can quickly create a list of quotes or even invoices directly inside of monday.com.

We can customize eQuotes for you

Generate PDF’s
and Word Documents

right from monday.com

eQuotes for monday.com brings not only a flexible way of incorporating quoting into monday.com but also allows you to generate your own Quotes directly from monday.com.

Using your own Templates Board in monday.com, you can upload as many templates as you want for your sales representatives to access.  They can then configure their quote and quickly generate a document that can be sent to your prospect or client.

Support Resources

Quick eQuotes for monday.com Tips

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Use Default View

You can set eQuotes View to the default display view when opening up the Item View.

Set Currency Type

You can set your currency type by clicking on the Settings option in the Item View.

Add More Columns

Add as many columns as you want to your boards and inclue them in your templates.

Video Tutorials

Frequently Asked


How do add columns & line items to my templates?

You can add any compatible (see list of non-compatible columns) by using the merge field example of:

${Column Name Here}

You can add these throughout the system.

You can also download this sample template for an example including how to display rows.

Why are my downloads not working?

Be sure that you have not blocked pop-ups from monday.com. If you have a pop-up blocker and it has flagged monday.com your quotes will not download or save.

What fields are not compatible with templates?

The following column types are currently not supported by the template generator:

  • Progress Tracking
  • Auto Number
  • Item ID
  • Last Updated
  • Creation log
  • Formula