eMaps for monday.com

Map your route efficiently directly inside of

eMaps is a dashboard widget app for monday.com that allows you to map your route between 2 or more stops. If you plan to visit various addresses, the app can also rearrange your stops in the order that’s most efficient.

This app is now available for download in the monday.com app marketplace.

Eligeo's eMaps app for monday.com

We can customize eMaps for you

Generate PDF’s
and Word Documents

right from monday.com

eQuotes for monday.com brings not only a flexible way of incorporating quoting into monday.com but also allows you to generate your own Quotes directly from monday.com.


Using your own Templates Board in monday.com, you can upload as many templates as you want for your sales representatives to access.  They can then configure their quote and quickly generate a document that can be sent to your prospect or client.

Digital Signatures are coming by December 2020.

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Use Board View

Find all locations within a certain city or distance, and demographically target different contacts.

Save Time and Fuel

Map the best route through the Dashboard widget to save time planning for stops.

Export, Don't Memorize

No need to memorize your stops or their order. Export a sheet, pdf, or send yourself a link to use on-the-go.

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Frequently Asked


Can I switch from Kilometers to Miles?

At this time eMaps is only available with kilometers as a measurement of distance.

Why is my board not available in the app?

Start by checking that the board you want to use is connected to the dashboard. If it is, then be sure that the board has a location column. To use eMaps, your boards must have the location type column for mapping.

How can I use the directions once calculated?

You can print your directions (paper or PDF) for later use. Currently, there is no real-time GPS to watch as you move through your points. Eligeo is working hard to release a link that would connect to your GPS app.

Can I adjust the colours of the map at all?

No adjustments are allowed at this time. Eligeo developed the view to be custom for our colors, we think it’s pretty great!