eDigital Signatures for monday.com

Signature and Document Tracking Tool for use with DocuSign directly within monday.com

eDigital Signatures for monday.com brings the power of DocuSign to your monday.com account. eDigital Signatures for monday.com easily creates and tracks DocuSign documents taking the stress out of managing important files. 

Our easy-to-use DocuSign signature tool is connected to your item views on any board so that you can quickly create a DocuSign document from a DocuSign template or file on your monday.com account.

We can customize eDigital Signatures for you

Templates, Items, or Boards

right from monday.com

Template: Send using a template that you have created in your DocuSign account.

Item File Column: Send using a file from the file column of the item view you are on.

Board File Column: Send a file located in the file column of another board.

Whichever way you choose to send a document they will track in a document repository board.

Support Resources

Quick eDigital Signatures for monday.com Tips

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Attach your eDigital Signature and eQuotes boards to a dashboard to get in-depth reporting and visibility


Use your document tracking board to see which reps are sending or completing the most proposals


Create beautiful templated documents using word docs to have custom designs for your signers

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Frequently Asked


Can I use information from the item to fill sender's name and email?

Though not available at the moment, Eligeo is working to include this feature in our next release!

What file types work with eDigital Signatures?

If using template mode, you can upload any file type to DocuSign. If sending from another board or using the file column option the only type of document allowed is .docx. This allows for the mapping of monday.com fields to the document.

How do I map fields to a document?

For mapping fields, you need to include them on your document in this format ${column}. The name of the line item would be, ${name}.